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Conference Rooms

If having a more intimate conversation with potential clients is important to you, consider adding a conference room to your tradeshow booth. These areas don't need to be fully enclosed; just separate ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jan-30-2018


New Year, New Trade Show Schedule!

Before you start planning your next trade show or face-to-face event be sure to consider some of the key planning elements that will guarantee you have a successful show from start to finish. Here are ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jan-09-2018


Additional Services We Offer

Exhibit Studios is committed to saving you time and money with effective exhibit management services to help with logistics before, during and after the show.

For businesses with a heav ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Dec-05-2017


Museum Displays

Custom museum displays can create an interactive and educational environment for your visitors. Pictured is a display created to honor the founder of Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. A timeline wall with LE ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Oct-25-2017


Point of Purchase Displays that POP!

This display for Appalachian Craft Sodas is in several national chain stores - attractive AND cost effective!! ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Oct-03-2017


Best Trade Show Practices - Keep It Fresh

In life, it is extremely easy to fall into a routine — and the same can be said about trade show marketing. The need for the same-old-same-old is born out of a fear of the unknown, and a fear of fai ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Sep-07-2017


Custom Product Displays

Need an attractive way to showcase your products instead of just putting them in a clear box? Let us design the perfect solution to get them noticed. These stands were shaped to give interested folks ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Aug-15-2017


Custom Counters

These custom-built counters were created to capture the attention of passersby while providing the client with extra storage space. Shelves were built on the backside to accommodate extra collateral a ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jul-27-2017


Interactive Multimedia Kiosk

This interactive multimedia kiosk was created for the Pennsylvania State Police to memorialize their fallen troopers. The physical memorial consisted of acrylic plaques, an interactive touchscreen inc ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jul-12-2017


Trade Show Brand Environments - A Natural Setting for your Products

Tafco manufactures custom commercial refrigerators and asked us to create three environments to illustrate how their product would look in a school, charcuterie and a restaurant, shown here. Exhibit S ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jun-28-2017


Hanging Signs Maximize Your Trade Show ROI

This 20’x20’x5' high hanging sign makes good use of the real-estate above the Tafco 30'x30' booth at NAFEM. The large size, tapered shape and colorful graphic on the inside of the sign add promine ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Jun-13-2017


Trade Show Backwall

A full size backwall is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a trade show presence with a limited budget. This display consists of a full-color, fabric graphic mounted on a lightweight, aluminum fr ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: May-30-2017


Reconfigurable Trade Show Display – Tool Free Assembly!

These 6 walls are each made of 4 frames connected together and covered with a seamless fabric graphic on both sides. The frames can be reconfigured to create smaller walls, closets, meeting rooms and ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: May-18-2017


Versatile Truss System

If you're looking for that "no tools required" display, this system is for you. Besides being easy to set up, our truss series consists of reconfigurable exhibit backwalls, islands and counters to giv ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: May-03-2017


Showcasing Products - Custom Slat Wall & Counter

Do you have products that need displayed in your trade show booth? Having a custom slat wall with a counter enables you to get a wide variety of products in front of potential clients. Multiple finish ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Apr-19-2017


Install & Dismantle Services

You have this really awesome trade show booth and now you wonder how the heck you're going to put this thing together... and tear it down! Let us take care of that for you. Exhibit Studios offers set ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Apr-13-2017


Custom Display Header

When Glatfelter Insurance Group needed their display that conveyed destruction to stand out, a custom header that included a lightning effect was the answer. This header extends the look of the tornad ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Apr-04-2017


Custom Vehicle Interiors

This Phoenix Contact truck started off as just an empty hauler but after some great design and hard work, transformed into an interactive museum on wheels showcasing the company's products and capabil ... (READ MORE)

By: Jeremy Fallinger

Updated: Mar-13-2017


Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs can be supported by a single metal square break away post or in a variety of other ways to suit your needs for function and appearance. From small directional signs to large billboards w ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Mar-07-2017


Donor Wall

This donor wall is an attractive addition to the newly remolded Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania headquarters. One panel is reserved for names that will remain on the wall permanently and anot ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Mar-07-2017


Roll Up Banner Stands for trade shows and events

These banner stands were designed to be used individually or together as a wall. Versatile and easy to use. Each banner retracts or "rolls up" into the base. Roll Up banner stands come in a variety of ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jan-17-2017


Dimensional Logos and Signs for Branding

This dimensional sign of the Computer Aid logo decorates the lobby in their Pittsburgh office. ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jan-17-2017


Custom Product Display with 3D logo

This custom product display was created to promote the pairing of pretzels and beer at beer festivals and other events. The dispenser will hold the product, a new pretzel flavor. It is branded with th ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-28-2016


Branded Charging Station with Sales and Rental

This branded charging station is available for purchase or rental and will charge a variety of devices, up to eight at one time. ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-07-2016


Branded Tablet Stands and iPad Stands

Tablets and iPads can be branded along with other items in a trade show display. This display also features a lighted header sign, frosted graphics on the monitor ladder and a podium that is also a sh ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-01-2016


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