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Donor Walls

Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra commissioned Exhibit Studios to design a Donor Recognition Display that could be dismantled for storage between performances and would be tall enough that a merchandising ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-23-2015


Custom Product Displays with LED Lights

This product display showcases four different heaters for Chomolox trade show exhibits worldwide. LED lights simulate moving water behind the heaters which are also illuminated. The display demonstrat ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-16-2015


Custom Trade Show Display - modular units

This custom trade show exhibit was created for Interstate Container's 20x40 booth at Pack Expo 2015 in Las Vegas. It features a 20'w x 12'h fabric graphic back wall, large valance, large locking close ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-09-2015


Modern Metal Signs on Cables

This series of metal signs hung on cables is a modern, minimalist design. Individual signs can be changed as needed. ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Nov-02-2015


Modular Trade Show Displays are Versatile and Easily Customized

This modular trade show display, shown here in a 10x10 booth space, can be expanded for use in a 20x10 space by adding panels to either side. A dimensional sign with halo lighting is centered over a 4 ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Oct-26-2015


Custom Kiosk, Monitor Mount and Product Display in One

This custom counter was designed to travel fully assembled on hidden casters for minimal set up time on the show floor. The kiosk features an enclosed product area, monitor mount, storage cabinet, ins ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Oct-18-2015


Branding Your Business with Signs

This dimensional sign in the reception area stands off the wall 1/2" and is accented by track lighting. Cut Vinyl applied to the glass door identifies the office cleanly. LaTorre Communications is a f ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Oct-12-2015


Product Display with LED lights

LED lights under the clear acrylic pedestal illuminate the laser engraved text and showcase the fuel injectors for G2 Diesel Products at the ADS International Trade Show in San Antonio. The Turbo Char ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jul-27-2015


Custom Product Displays

Challenge: Small plastic beads require movement to illustrate subtle color differences.

Solution: Clear acrylic boxes containing Colorite product beads are magnetically attached to magn ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jun-11-2015


Hanging Signs Get Noticed

A hanging sign can be seen from across the trade show floor and add prominence to your display. They can spin, be lighted and are available in many shapes and sizes. Call exhibit Studios for creative ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jun-11-2015


Best Trade Show Practices Incorporate a table throw

Tip V One of the best ways to crank up your tabletop's effectiveness is to add a custom-printed table cover. Attendees can tell in a second when you've used the show-provided table skirt, and doing so ... (READ MORE)

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: May-12-2015


National Hardware Show - Razorback Truck Wrap

The AMES Companies showed off their awesome new truck wrapped in the Razorback brand at the National Hardware Show in The Las Vegas Convention Center. This display greets attendees as they enter the s ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: May-06-2015


Best Trade Show Practices Stay Current with Technology

Tip IV

In today's high-tech world, electronic communication can tell your story in a manner that is appropriate for today's attendees.

Tablets can be a godsend for tablet ... (READ MORE)

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: May-03-2015


Best Trade Show Practices Drop the Artsy Fonts.


If fonts, colors, and the level of contrast prevent attendees from reading your text, you're giving them a mishmash of letters – not a message. And adding artsy accoutrements ... (READ MORE)

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: Apr-24-2015


Best Trade Show Practices Abandon all Unnecessary Text

Tip II

Once you've identified an image, your next step is to determine what text will accompany it. But the burr in the fur here isn't trying to find enough text to fill the space; it's ... (READ MORE)

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: Apr-23-2015


Branded Tents MAKE your Outdoor Events!

Tents of all shapes and sizes can be branded for your event. Printed accessories like Back Walls, Side Rails and Flutter Flags increase your visibility and ad space. Call or email for a consultation o ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Apr-23-2015


Best Trade Show Practices Twelve Tricks for Tabletops

In the next couple days I will post helpful tips on how to create and manage an effective tabletop exhibit display and program.


1. Incorporate one big image.

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: Apr-21-2015


Meetings and Events Off-Site Insight

Despite the time-consuming nature of planning and executing an exhibit-marketing program, many exhibit managers have a lot of unrelated items on their to-do lists. In fact, data from EXHIBITOR Magazin ... (READ MORE)

By: Charles Hagenkotter

Updated: Apr-20-2015


Banner Stands as Paneled Walls

Banner stands can be used individually or as a paneled wall as shown here. Our retractable banner stands come with a lifetime warranty, heavy duty retraction mechanism and sturdy metal base with no pl ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Apr-13-2015


Back Lit Wall Trade Show Display

The twelve foot tall back lit center section illuminates the theme of the PA Game Commission's 2015 promotional campaign. The exhibit also features interactive media with tablet displays and AR coded ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Apr-10-2015


Custome Truss and Slat Wall Trade Show Display

Sturdy and versatile, this display holds weight!!! No tools are required to build this specialized truss frame which can be reconfigured in many shapes. Monitors up to 60", counters, literature holder ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Mar-31-2015


Strawberry Shape Backlit Sign - Happy New Year Harrisburg!!

This strawberry shape 8' tall backlit sign was created for use at the annual New Year's Eve Strawberry drop in Harrisburg's Strawberry Square. ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Dec-23-2014


Branded Retail Environment

A memorable brand environment is created in this unique jewelry store with the use of dimensional acrylic letters standing off the wall and displayed over a floor to ceiling logo in cut vinyl. ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Oct-24-2014


Trade show display with slot wall and truss

This truss display with slot wall effectively holds heavy merchandise. Truss displays can be reconfigured and adapted to different booth shapes and sizes and can hold a variety of accessories like mon ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Aug-26-2014


Dimensional Tree - wall decor

This tree has a wood trunk with texture lines cut 1/2" deep into the surface. The leaves are applied to acrylic which is raised off the wall to give the tree dimension. Trees are great for long term f ... (READ MORE)

By: Pam Holzman

Updated: Jul-09-2014


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