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Hershey Chocolate World
3D Wall Mural

Design Challenge: Design and produce a mural using the Hershey’s chocolate characters and Hershey’s Chocolate Factory to reenforce the major brands represented by the company. Client wanted it to have dimension and fit with the overall theme of the area.

Design Solution: Created a mural that started flat on the wall and became more dimensional as the viewer got closer to the objects. Mural was based on the new design of the Chocolate World facility and the parade of characters at Hersheypark.

This Larger-Than Life 3d Mural Features:

• Flat, full-color background wall graphic
• Dimensional layers that “pop” as the viewer approaches the mural
• Reflects the new Chocolate World design & Hershey Park parade of characters

The end result was a design that’s full of color, life, and movement. It encompasses the family-fun spirit of Hershey while maintaining a strong brand presence through the Hershey name and the candy characters themselves.