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The State Museum of Pennsylvania
Fowler Exhibit

Every Thing of Interest Shown: T.M. Fowler’s Pennsylvania Bird’s-Eye Views, 1885-1905 will showcase roughly 30 panoramic bird’s-eye views, or maps, of Pennsylvania communities as they appeared during the late 19th century.

Exhibit features a sampling of Fowler’s lithographic prints preserved within the Fine Arts collection of The State Museum and the Pennsylvania State Archives.

The exhibit also includes a touch-screen kiosk for visitors to access a visual database of the roughly 200 bird’s-eye views of Pennsylvania communities created by Fowler. This interactive component allows visitors to search by town name and location.

• 2 interactive touchscreens
• 2 custom programmed multi-touch interactive exhibits
• Wall graphics
• Interprative panels
• Map labels
• Regional panels
• Entrance signs
• Credit panels