Corporate Interiors


Your employees spend 40 hours + in their work environment each week. Keep them motivated by providing a brand environment that promotes creativity, collaboration, and positivity. Color, texture, and light all affect productivity and can be introduced through an updated interior design.

Retail Showrooms


An amazing retail design can showcase your merchandise in the best light and put shoppers in the right mindset for buying. A branded retail environment can also help customers get lost in the essence of your brand, whether it’s clean and modern, young and hip, or tasteful and upscale.

Mobile Showrooms


Take our custom solutions on the road with you! Visualize your brand’s messaging and capabilities with our mobile marketing design services. Customize the interior or exterior of your mobile vehicle with our interactive components, LED lighting features and more.


Office Lobby or Hotel Lobby


You only have one chance to make a first impression, and for your business that occurs the moment a guest walks into your lobby. A branded lobby should make them feel welcome and at home, and also leave them feeling excited about what else they will find on your property.

Need More Information?

Are you in need of a design solution or are you looking to bounce your ideas around with our design experts? Exhibit Studios is here to help bring your visual marketing concepts to life.