Portable Displays


Portable options are the future of a large part of the trade show industry. Make it smaller. Make it faster. These are the requests that we repeatedly get from customers concerned about their future. Every aspect of society, and probably most noticeably computers, are moving in this direction. Contact us today to make your displays mobile so that setup and breakdown will be faster, or get left behind the competition.

Exhibition Design


Exhibit Studios’ designs are truly unique. We build them on great ideas, not on a “one size fits all” approach. We listen to your challenges, goals, and your vision of where you want to take your brand. We work with you to best translate your message into multiple dimensions.

We understand how an environment drives human behavior — how texture, material, lighting, graphics hierarchy, and space planning contribute to the successful communication of your brand. We’ll use this expertise to design a custom trade show booth that fits your unique needs and reflect your business’ personality.

Exhibit Fabrication


The construction of your exhibit is executed with its end use in mind. Our team of in-house, full-time fabricators utilizes the newest techniques and materials available to make your exhibit cost effective to build and transport.

We’ll meet with your team about the requirements and specifics of your project — whether it’s fabricating new items or making modifications to existing items. All custom fabrication items are quoted in advance for customer approval.

Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Full wood shop production and lamination capabilities
  • Metal fabrication and welding capabilities
  • Finishing capabilities for wood and metal
  • LED lighting design and installation
  • Acrylic fabrication

Trade Show Documentation


The key to a successful trade show program is in the management. But you know first-hand the amount of time and energy that goes into properly planning and managing your trade shows. The amount of paperwork that is required before, during, and after the event can be overwhelming, including documentation for storing, shipping, and setting up your display, and organizing labor support. Part of our trade show management services include completing all trade show documentation for you.

Show Logistics


We can manage everything from planning the placement of your display and determining the necessary equipment and people, to ensure your display is shipped properly and is assembled on time.

Our comprehensive logistics services include:

  • Floor plans and electrical service planning
  • Custom crating and packing services
  • Set up and tear down labor support
  • Shipping logistics
  • A/V and computer equipment support
  • Advertising specialty and show giveaways
  • Domestic and international show services

Exhibit Installation & Dismantle


At the show, your sales team has more than enough on their plate, so our exhibit installation specialists will supervise the set-up of your trade show booth. We can oversee on-site labor or provide our own installation team. We’ll do the same when it comes to booth breakdown.

Exhibit Storage & Inventory Management


When your company doesn’t have the capacity to house your trade show materials, Exhibit Studios will supply the storage space. Additionally, our online inventory management program, customized for your company, makes it simple to keep track of your trade show resources. Authorized employees can use the online system to easily order trade show display materials for upcoming shows.

The online system shows your full inventory of trade show exhibits and which items (and quantities of these items) are available at any given time. It shows the location of each item (shipping to a show, at a show, or in storage). In addition, it provides the expected ship date and delivery date of each item for upcoming shows and the expected return date once the show is over.

Our online management system also provides:

  • A complete catalog of each item in your trade show inventory with pictures, descriptions, and product codes.
  • Specific branded sites for each department that shows only their products and exhibits.
  • Status updates on each order from initial order placement, confirmation by Exhibit Studios personnel, outbound shipment, return shipment, return condition, and placement back into inventory.

Exhibit Studios will provide training to your team on how to use the online system. Training can be done in-person locally or through teleconference for teams that span multiple regions.

Display Rentals


If a custom-designed trade show booth isn’t in your budget, or if your team has only a limited trade show presence, display rental is a great option. Our modular trade show exhibits offer a cost-effective way to make a big splash on a budget with the most dynamic options in the industry.

Our turnkey rental packages include: design, fabrication, installation and dismantle supervision, exhibit storage, and overall savings in time and transportation costs. Emphasizing service and creativity, we can customize a trade show exhibit rental to your exact specifications.

Our in-stock trade show display rentals include:

  • Tabletop rental units
  • Turnkey rental packages
  • 10×10 booths
  • 10×20 booths
  • Custom modular rental units

Trade Show Training


Trade shows and customer events require a significant investment of time, money, and effort. Success is largely determined by your staff’s ability to connect with prospects and customers in a meaningful and positive way. Receiving professional trade show and event training will protect and enhance your investment.

We offer seminars that help businesses effectively increase the benefits from trade shows in three easy steps:

  • Pre-show preparation
  • Effectively working a show
  • Post-show follow-up

While we hold seminars periodically at Exhibit Studios and present at special Chamber of Commerce events, our trade show training seminars are also available to our clients on an individual basis.

Need More Information?

Are you in need of a design solution or are you looking to bounce your ideas around with our design experts? Exhibit Studios is here to help bring your visual marketing concepts to life.